Intensive Step-down Program

Original Path Counseling offers a unique ability to help the transition from an inpatient hospital setting or outpatient intensive program down to individual outpatient therapy that is custom fit for our clients.

If you feel you or your child is in need of more intensive therapy to either keep from hospitalization or step down after hospitalization then this program would be a good fit.

Our individual therapists have the option to see clients up to 3 times per week for individual therapy sessions. We also offer the option to add DBT group therapy for both teens and adults to their individual treatment plan. This gives the schedule of seeing a therapist in our group practice up to 4 times per week.

For details about what intensity you or your child will need please contact us and schedule a consult with one of the clinicians available. Then the clinician will be able to evaluate the individuals need and recommend a good treatment plan custom fit for you or your child. Payment adjustments can also be made, if necessary, to help provide the necessary services for these clients as they slowly step down their treatment.

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