Client Perspective of Suicide Prevention

In the wake of Robin Williams death and the affect it has had on millions of people around the world I thought it would be a good time to write about suicide and the epidemic it has become. Every day in my practice I sit with people and hear their stories, their fears, their feelings of being alone in this world. They tell me statements like “This will never get better” and “I feel like nobody else gets what I’m going through, or cares.” It’s time for those around us to be aware that you all know somebody in your life that has struggled with suicidal thoughts or is currently struggling. I decided to give you a glimpse into my world as a therapist so that you can see the struggles that are occurring around you every day and for those of you that are struggling yourself, this is to help you know that you are not alone.

I asked several of my clients to write a few sentences about what keeps them going or what kept them going when they were suicidal in the past:

Client Perspectives Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

“When I feel like giving up is the answer, I know in my heart that the friends I have would miss me. Being gone would make their lives harder than being alive.”-  Female, 16 yrs old

“When I was feeling suicidal I didn’t act on the thought o ending my life because I remembered someone in middle school that anonymously called the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and saved me. I never found out who this person was, but I am grateful because they cared.” – Male, 25 yrs

“Sometimes I feel like I want to die. I find it hard to relax. So I open a window, put on some music, and think about all the little things in life that I love.” – Female, 14yrs

“Knowing that everything gets better and the world is a beautiful place that you need to see. “ – Male, 15yrs

“I have been suicidal and a lot of music and hugs have helped a lot.” – Female, 14yrs

“My family and friends kept me going. I realized I have them to support me and they care about me. I did not want to be selfish and hurt them. I would rather suffer than make the people I care about suffer.” – Female, 14yrs

“My boyfriend and my friends keep me going. They care about me and I wouldn’t want to hurt them. As long as I have good people who care about me I can’t and won’t leave them by killing myself.” – Female, 14yrs

“ What got me out: a bad hospital experience made me realize I need to get better, medication, a new therapist, and a psychiatrist. What keeps me going now is hopefulness, self-discipline, faith, and family.” – Female, 18yrs

“What got me over my suicidal phase is a girl that I really liked, she is the only reason I am alive now.”- Male, 16yrs

“Sometimes I still struggle with wanting to just give up. The ways that I get through it are reminding myself that one day I will get out of this town and I go to concerts. Anything that can make me feel alive.” – Female, 16yrs

“Being able to meet my cousin when she is born, completing high school and college, and if I keep living the people who abused me won’t win.” – Female, 15yrs

“ I used to be very depressed and what kept me going was every morning I would wake up and think about how beautiful the world is and how I don’t want to leave it.”

– Female, 15yrs

“I began meditating and loving myself. I connected with who my soul is rather than how others view me, which isn’t my business anyway.”- Female, 16yrs

“I wanted to run away into the woods and never come back. I stayed because I had a wonderful boyfriend who didn’t want to lose me.” – Female, 14yrs

“Smell the air around you, listen to the birds sing, the wind penetrating the trees, and watch the sunset. You are in this moment, Alive.” – Female, 18yrs

“Dance, my best friend, and that there is better days to come.” – Female, 17yrs

Know that you are not alone and that if you or someone you know is struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts there are resources out there to help you. All of these people who shared their thoughts above have spoken out and have gotten help when it was most difficult for them. Please contact us if you are struggling or you feel as though you want to help someone who is.

– Amanda Woodard, MA, LPC


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